Responsible Pet Owners Alliance’s


Pet Assistance Program provides:


  • A telephone “hotline” to assist anyone with an animal problem. Dial (210) 822-6763. Assistance is also provided by e-mail and this web site.
  • Paws for Service dog/owner teams, who visit hospitals and nursing homes after completion of a training course and mentoring phase.
  • A Pet Retention Program to prevent animals from being relinquished to shelters (Counseling, pet training referrals, and behavior problem solving).
  • For Disasters: Provide assistance as needed in the community.
  • A Pet Recovery Program
  • Return more lost or impounded pets to their owners by maintaining a Lost and Found Registry and advising pet owners of helpful procedures to follow when their pet is lost.
  • Promoting and publicizing microchip identification for pets. Conduct and support microchip clinics.
  • Neighborhood Pet Registration and Hotline Program for lost pets (through neighborhood associations).
  • First Offender’s Course in Responsible Pet Ownership, similar to a Defensive Driving Course, to be offered by the city for animal code violations.







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