Responsible Pet Owners Alliance's


Adult & Children's Education Program

In Pet Care and Bite Prevention


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”


    Goals:   Instruct pet owners in animal care and control to protect public health and safety.

  • Build character, responsibility, self reliance and self esteem in children through teaching responsible pet care.
  • Prevent cruelty to animals. 
  • Reduce statistics on animals accepted by shelters and animal control facilities
  • Reduce number of people bitten by animals.
  • Promote interaction with animals as an educational experience for children.

    Children's Education:

  • Place educational materials on responsible pet care, control and bite prevention in all Bexar County elementary school libraries and public libraries for teachers to access.
  • Conduct presentations on Responsible Pet Care & Bite Prevention in elementary schools, Head Start Programs, 4-H, Girl and Boy Scout programs, summer programs of the San Antonio Public Libraries and Parks & Recreation Department, etc.

    Adult Education:

  • Conduct Information/Education Booths at community events and area pet shows to distribute brochures on topics addressing all animal problems, promoting spay/neuter of pets, pet rabies and other vaccination schedules, publicizing local animal ordinances and free/low cost neutering clinics.
  • Administer a Neighborhoods Program, providing educational materials to help solve their animal problems. A packet is available upon request.
  • Operate a 24 hour telephone helpline for pet owners offering information and assistance with any animal related problem, which includes a Lost & Found Registry.
  • Provide a First Offender's Responsible Pet Ownership Course (6 hour class), an effective sentencing alternative for animal ordinance violators in lieu of a portion of fines to assist low income families who can't afford $300 to $400 (including court citations) to retrieve animals from Animal Control Facilities.
  • Return more lost pets to their owners via microchip clinics, the Responsible Pet Ownership Course, our Lost & Found Registry and pet id card clinics, etc.
  • Encourage pet owners to take their pets for veterinary check-ups and vaccinations annually. Promote the importance of rabies vaccinations.  Assist with low cost rabies and microchip clinics.
  • Provide counseling and assistance for pet owners who are considering pet surrenders to shelters or animal controls for any reason (terminally ill and AIDS patients; animal behavior problems, moving, divorces, family members' allergies, in transition to assisted living facilities/nursing homes or for any other reason.







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