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“Networking Texas Rescuers as a Texas state federation of the American Kennel Club”


RPOA’s Rescue Network provides:


  • Breed/species information and telephone consultation BEFORE getting a pet.
  • Breed/species behavior and problem solving.
  • Rescue of animals on a space available basis; first priority being animal cruelty court cases, animal kill facilities and shelters.


The list of rescue contacts changes constantly and is updated periodically.

All animals are spayed or neutered before placement in a new carefully screened home. 
There is an adoption fee which varies according to expenses with each rescue.
Problems with any rescuer(s) must be reported to RPOA in writing. 
All complaints will be investigated and appropriate action taken should the allegations be upheld.

National Contacts are listed for each breed. The national or state contact may have a representative in the area where assistance is needed.  Do contact them directly if necessary.  National breed clubs and their rescuers are also on the American Kennel Club (AKC) website:


All rescuers on our list must sign the Code of Ethics and return it to our office. Rescuers must submit an application to be on our Rescue List unless they are affiliated with a national or state breed rescue organization.  The application process requires a home visit, personal veterinarian’s recommendation and a recommendation from shelters dealt with in the past.  The Rescue Committee either approves or denies the application. Rescuers are responsible for regulating their foster homes.  

RPOA membership is not required to be on our list. However, to be covered under our Liability Insurance, rescuers must be members in good standing and pay an annual $10 fee for the insurance coverage.  The Liability Insurance only covers individuals, not rescue groups. 

Rescuers wanting to subscribe to the RPOA Rescue E-mail List should send an e-mail to: to automatically start the process.
No need to write anything in the message.  This is a low volume list for rescue issues only and serves to network Texas rescuers primarily.  Rescuers do home checks for each other, arrange transportation for a rescued pet to a foster home or new home and assist each other in many other ways.  It also serves as a support system as rescue work can be very depressing.  Burnout can be a problem.  

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, its officers, agents, and employees shall not be liable for any claims, demands, judgments, awards, fines, liens, losses, damages, expenses, charges, or costs of any kind or character, including attorneys’ fees and court costs (hereinafter referred to as “Claims”), arising out of, or in any manner either directly or indirectly connected with any act, error, omission, whether active or passive, arising from participation in our programs.

The Rescue List and Rescuers’ Forms are below.

Rescue List of Contacts

Rescuer Application

Foster Home Application

Rescuer’s Code of Ethics

Rescuer’s Veterinarian Reference

Rescuer’s Shelter Reference

Transfer of Animal Ownership

Transfer Agreement - Stray Animal

Adoption Application for a New Pet

Pet Adoption Information for New Owner

Proof of Sterilization

How To Help With Animal Rescue





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