Pet Education, Assistance and Rescue

(PEAR) Program


A community service in collaboration with all animal welfare groups, pet clubs,

shelters, animal control divisions, veterinarians, and other pet interests.




To support our mission, we

  • Operate a Telephone Hotline: For information and assistance with any animal related problem, dial (210) 822-6763. 
  • Counsel pet owners who are considering relinquishing their pets to shelters, rescuers or animal controls.
  • Coordinate a Rescue, Adoption & Education Program for purebred and mixed breed animals (all-species) in Texas as an American Kennel Club State Federation.
  • Educate adults and children in responsible pet care and bite prevention.
  • Visit hospitals and nursing homes with our "Paws for Service" dog/owner teams.
  • Coordinate a Place Your Own Pet Program: To assist pet owners who can no longer keep their pets.
  • Administer a Pet Retention Program and a Pet Recovery Program to keep pets from being euthanized at animal controls and shelters.
  • Monitor legislation detrimental to pet ownership at all levels of government.
  • Publish a quarterly newsletter and moderate an announcement only low volume e-mail list to keep our membership informed.


Flow Chart Of the Pet Education, Assistance & Rescue Program
PEAR Program (PDF File)







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